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In-office Minimal-Incision Surgery
in Grand Haven

With the use of specially designed instruments, Dr. Young can perform minor surgical procedures on your foot through a very small opening. Minimal-incision surgery is just one example of the convenient, comfortable in-office procedures used to surgically treat corns, calluses, warts, and ingrown nails. These procedures are extremely effective to alleviate pain permanently with a very short, low-impact recovery period.


Will I need to schedule time off work or school to recover from an in-office minimal-incision surgery?

Most in-office procedures can be done with light local numbing agents. You can drive yourself to and from the procedure, and can put weight on your ankle and foot immediately afterwards. If sutures (stitches) are required, they will stay in your foot for about two and a half to three weeks with a light dressing to protect them. You will need to wear a special shoe to accommodate the stitches and bandages. After just three weeks, you will be able to wear your regular shoes again.

Will I need more than one appointment for a minimal-incision surgery?

Dr. Young will see you for a consultation appointment before your minimal-incision surgery appointment is scheduled. She will take the time to examine your foot and ankle carefully and answer all your questions about the procedure.

What about if I’m in pain and need care urgently?

We don’t make people wait to treat very painful conditions such as infected ingrown nails. If patients call us with this condition, we will do our very best to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment with Dr. Young to have it treated.