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Foot and Ankle Braces and CUSTOM ORTHOTIC DEVICES
in Grand Haven

If your feet hurt, your entire body may be out of alignment because the feet are the structural foundation of the body. Orthotics are footwear inserts that support and align your foot and ankle in order to alleviate the discomfort, pressure, pain, and other symptoms caused by foot and ankle deformities, injuries, misalignments, and degenerative diseases. Based on a thorough examination, Dr. Young may recommend custom-made orthotics that are engineered precisely for your feet, or over-the-counter medical grade orthotics. In some cases, she may recommend a custom-made brace for your foot and ankle to provide additional support for correcting alignment.


What are the benefits of custom orthotics?

Well-fitted orthotics will realign your foot and ankle, improving your stability and balance and relieving friction. In many cases, toe and foot pain can be almost entirely alleviated with these devices, with no need for surgery or medication. Conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat foot, and arthritis in the arch or big toe respond extremely well to the use of custom orthotics.

How do you fit patients for custom orthotics?

We have an advanced imaging system called the Occipital Structure Sensor that uses a laser to make a 3D digital image of your foot. Your custom orthotic is crafted precisely to fit every nook and cranny of your foot. Dr. Young will choose the mix of flexible and stiffer orthotic materials based on your specific needs. This is the most accurate and comfortable technology available for custom orthotics.

Do custom orthotics ever need to be replaced?

Your feet change as you age, and your orthotic prescription may change as well. We recommend that patients get a new examination and a new pair of orthotics every three to five years, depending on your specific use pattern and the materials in the devices.

Dr. Young’s orthotics come with a six-month warranty, during which time they can be adjusted or replaced at no cost. Most patients find that they are extremely comfortable from the first moment because of the advanced custom technology used to create them.

Are custom orthotics covered by most insurance plans?

There are just a few insurance plans that cover custom orthotics. We accept many insurance plans for the convenience of our patients. You can check with your insurance provider with any questions.

What is a foot and ankle brace?

An orthosis, or brace for your lower extremity, provides stability, control, and protection for your feet and ankles. It also helps to provide proprioceptive feedback so that you know where your foot is in space—something important for people who have peripheral neuropathy associated with diseases such as diabetes and Charcot deformity.

Ankle-foot orthoses are made in many different styles according to your specific biomechanics and medical needs. They treat ankle instability, arthritis, Charcot foot deformities, diabetic foot wounds, and tendon disorders. If you need an ankle-foot orthosis, Dr. Young will make a special cast of your lower extremity in the office. Depending on the kind of orthosis you need and your insurance requirements, she can craft the custom device right in the office or send them out to a specialized brace-maker.